Computer Network Installation

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A computer network is what connects all devices in a building together, it allows devices to communicate with each other such as being able to print from any computer in the house, it also acts as a connecting out to the internet and world wide web.


With our computer network installation service we will discuss with your requirements and provide suitable networking hardware to meet your needs, our setup service includes.

  • Setting up a wireless router for remote devices such as laptops or phones to connect to.
  • Installation of networking cable for wired devices such as desktops
  • Installation and setup of network devices such as printers or network storage
  • Planning, design, and documentation of network configurations
  • Installation of network cards in desktop computers
  • Security audit of existing network infrastructure
  • Upgrading existing network infrastructure with more modern technology


Our team of network engineers can handle any issue for both small home offices to large businesses whether it is just a single computer that can’t connect to the internet or a full outage, we can overhaul your networking environment to be both fast and reliable.


For more information on our computer network installation service as well as any other networking service please consider contacting us