Computer Repair

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When looking for Computer Repair, we provide the best repair service to all customers located in Oakleigh and it’s surrounding areas (Hughesdale, Murrumbeena, Huntingdale, Clayton, Notting Hill).

When a computer breaks down it can be time consuming to have to mail it back to the manufacturer, it can be much easier to have a local computer shop look at it which is where we come in with our office located in the Oakleigh area, you can drop your computer off with us during business hours then come pick it when it is ready.

We can repair many different brands of computer From Dell’s to Acers, from Desktops to Laptops, we will order the replacement parts in if we need to and keep you notified of theĀ  repair process.

in situations where your part is no longer available we can also find a compatible component which is available, or in situations where the computer is too old we can offer a complete rebuild modernising all parts as well as transferring any personal files you have from your old computer over to the new one.

We will safely store your computer in our office during the repair process and when the repair is complete we will notify you and you can pick it up at you leisure weather that is tomorrow next week or even next month after you get back from holidays.

Even if nothing needs repairing we can provide administrative services such as performing backups, perform basic configurations or setup, new user accounts, anything that you may consider too technical we can do it on your behalf for a low fee.

While your laptop is in for repair we can provide a wide range of other services including




For more information on our Computer Repair please contact us