Computer Security

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Computer Security goes beyond just installing an antivirus, it also means being aware of ways a hacker can gain access to your personal information and proper training and implementing measure to mediate risk.


Here are just a few ways a hacker can gain access to information on your computer.

  • Crack a weak WIFI and listen for sensitive information such as credit card details
  • Exploit a software vulnerability such as bypassing the need to accept a file transfer in an instant messaging app, allowing for direct transmission of viruses to your computer.
  • Exploit an open service, e.g. you set up remote access to your computer from outside without a password and a hacker found it.
  • Trick a user into directly providing sensitive information, e.g. a phone call from your bank asking your login details or a fake website with a login form.
  • Hacker physically walks into your place and steals your computer then cracks the password.


Hackers are crafty and will exploit any vulnerability both in terms of software and tricking people to unknowingly provide sensitive information, so it is always wise to be properly educated.


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