Computer Tuneup

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Over time and use computers can begin to slow down, this can negatively influence your experience with a device since you spend more time waiting for the computer to do things ultimately slowing you down in the process, At IT Engineering Pro we provide a computer tuneup service that diagnoses the reasons why the computer is running slow and helps to bring the computer up to speed when it was brand new.


We do this by

  • Removing unwanted software causing long boot up times
  • Clean any malicious software that we found
  • Clear out cache files that are using up disk space
  • Defragment data to increase disk read speeds.
  • Misc cleaning

A tuneup can help you get the most out of the hardware that is on the computer however it cannot bring an 8 year old machine to the same speeds as a new generation computer which is why we also offer additional services for you to get the most out of your computing experience.

Custom Built PCS

Computer Upgrade

Hard Repair Service


For more information on our preventative maintenance service please consider contacting us