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Computer Upgrades

Computers are constantly evolving often by leaps and bounds even a computer that is only a few years old will often start to look sluggish when compared with the latest generation. However, innovations in computers are sometime isolated to just a single component with speed increases range from double to 10 times the speed of the previous generations, in cases like this it’s better to just upgrade a single component rather than spending the money on buying a whole new pc, this is where our computer upgrades service comes in.

This approach is very economical since you are not paying for a CPU that is 2% faster just so you get the hard disk that is double the speed, you are only paying money for significant improvements.

Computer upgrades can also be useful when you have run out of space, rather than having to delete precious personal files or moving them to an arctic external location where they may get forgotten about we can install an additional hard drive in your computer and move over the data to free up the main drive, alternatively we can replace your main hard drive with a bigger one and clone the data over so everything is still there but how now with additional space available.

We provide a large range of IT services outside of just computer upgrades such as:

For more information on our computer upgrades service please consider contacting us.