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Custom Built PCs

Having a custom built PC allows you to have a cutting-edge machine which meets your needs while removing things that you may not need from a generic stock computer.

If you come into our Melbourne based office we can discuss with you your requirements and make suggestions based on how you plan to use your computer, we then do all the footwork on your behalf purchasing parts and assembling the computer, the end result is a computer built just for you.

We cater for all types of users whether you are looking for a business computer that will have the minimum specs for you to get the job done or you are a hardcore gamer looking to get a gaming PC that can handle even the most resource intense games on the highest settings.

We also work with people in specialized fields such as video editors, virtualization, and data recovery to ensure your pc matches your industry-specific needs.

We will provide a list of recommended components fit your needs such as:

Having high-end computer components is just the start of getting the most of your PC. We also provide a tune-up service to make sure the software on the computer is running fast:

For more information on our custom built pc service please consider contacting us.