Cyber Security

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Cyber Security is more important than ever in today’s connected world, everything from laptops, phones even lights can be connected to the internet this means they are accessible from anywhere while this is good for people that need to contact you via that device it also means hackers can try and get in and steal personal information such as contacts or even credit card details.


This is why we must always be conscious of how we use the internet as anything from a website to an email can create a vulnerability and expose your computer to hacks, this is why we provide cyber security service where we will audit the security of your tech and implement appropriate solutions to help keep you safe, this can be in the form of security software as well as in the form of advice on what is high risk.


Security is not something that is once off though, proper security practices require that things are kept update to date and everyone on your network adheres to best security practices, which is why we provide ongoing services such as preventive maintenance.


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