Desktop Repair

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About desktop repair, desktop computers can the the powerhouse of computing power however like all other tech they can start to break down and eventually fail, this can be devastating when you have paid 1000s of dollars for your Desktop computer, but by replacing 1-2 parts we can get the computer working again without you having to buy a whole new computer, reinstall all your software and transfer across personal files from the old computer.

Hardware Upgrades

While repairing your desktop we may offer you options to upgrade your hardware, this may be because the part that needs replacing is no longer manufactured or sold and when one part gets upgraded, additional parts may also need to be upgraded in order to be compatible.

Hard-disk Repair / Replacement

In situations when the hard drive fails we will also help you recover any personal files and transfer what can be recovered to the new hard disk, we can also discuss with you about some backup solutions to prevent any future loss of valuable information in case of future hard-disk crashes.

Motherboard Replacement

Every part of a computer connects to the motherboards, when it need replacing this can cause a lot of issues both with Windows thinking its now on a different computer invalidating licence and many of the other parts not being compatible with more modern motherboards, in cases like this we may need to upgrade many parts to ensure everything is compatible.

Additional Services

Beyond just repairing the old computer we can also other additional services such as finding a compatible hardware upgrades, recovering data if the hard disk died as well as implement data backup software to help save you the next time something fails

For more information about out Desktop Repair service please consider contacting us