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Preventative Maintenance

We use our computers every day and they follow our every order however they are not invincible, hardware can fail and operating systems can fall over, which is why we provide a preventative maintenance service, where will regularly check the health of your computer and take measure to keep your computer running smoothly and as long as possible.

When a disaster hits such as a computer failing to boot can be a major show stopper, it prevents you from doing every day things such as sending email or looking up the internet and can bring a business to a grinding halt by performing a regular maintenance we can minimise the risks of any downtime and keep your computer running at peak performance.

A preventive maintenance offers the following benefits:

If your computer is cared for over its lifetime and regularly maintained you can expect a computer to last a lot longer and run close to optimal performance even into old age.

By acting before a disaster hits you are able to maintain peace of mind that your computer will be kept safe and reliable knowing we are handling things in the background, in situations of hardware failure outside of the expected life expectancy such as a leaking roof or short circuit we can also provide a rapid repair to get you back and running again.