Installing Windows on Mac

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At ITEPRO we are all about providing services for you including Installing Windows on Mac on your behalf, Just bring your Mac computer in to our office in Oakleigh and provide us with some small details such as how much space you want to use and what version / edition of Windows and we will handle the rest.

After the fresh version of Windows is installed we can also help you get a quick start by installing any free software for you, if you provide us licenses we can also install paid software for you.

Having Windows on your mac can be a great way of making a device more versatility, as it allows you to easily switch between the two operating systems when the need arises without having to purchase a second device just to run Windows applications, giving you the best of both worlds at a fraction of the price.

We can perform all kinds of services both on the Mac side and the Windows side such as

Printer and scanner installation

System Tune-ups

Software Installation

Personal File Transfer

For more information on Installing Windows on Mac and other services we provide, please consider contacting us

Installing Windows on Mac