IT Consulting

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Here at IT Engineering Pro, we do way more than just maintain and fix your computer systems we also provide IT Consulting, contact us and we will arrange a formal meeting where we can discuss your IT requirements, we may give you some advice on the spot or provide you with a formal plan, The advice might be about what hardware to buy, what programs to use or best practices when it comes to handling IT infrastructure.


By getting advice from an expert you are able to rest easy knowing that you have made the right decision in your IT needs and we will be in the background if you ever need us again for advice or support, we know what your IT infrastructure is and can provide support for without having to do expensive audits, just contact us tell us what device is currently malfunctioning and we will remotely log in and fix it for you.


We don’t just give advice we also implement any formal plans, that could be anything from installing a network printer to purchasing and setting up a computer in your office and much more, here is just a glimpse of what we do









For more information on our IT Consulting service please Contact Us