IT Engineering Pro provides a wide range of IT services to make sure all aspects of technology in your business or home are operating at peak efficiently so you can focus on your day without having to deal with IT headaches or interruptions.


You can come to use for all your IT needs, just come in to our office in Oakleigh and get some expert advise on how to make the most out of your technology, we can do everything from researching software solutions, maintaining and repairing your computers to helping train your staff so they can operate more efficiently.


Can't leave the office? No problem because we also come directly to you, we will go to your office and repair a computer that has broken down as well as help to maintain the computer so there is no future downtime, we can also come in and provide a training day for your staff or you can ask for some advice while we are there and we can research a solution that will help you get the most out of your technology.


If you are unhappy with your current hardware setup we provide a large range of services to upgrade and modernise you computers, this can include simple tune-ups such as removing viruses that could be slowing down your computer and checking the health of the computer to more involved solutions such analysing your computer usage and installing more modern computer components.