Gateway Advertising

When a user opens your player, we have the ability to show a video or flash movie advertisement that will play before your programming begins.

Royalty Reporting

We can report Performances! The new royalty determination requires that reporting be done on a performance basis. Our system can provide you with the statistics required by the new rules.

Broadcaster Streaming Statistics

Through our Broadcaster Control Panel, You will have the capability of seeing exactly how many listeners are active at any time. The statistics are updated in real-time so that you always know how many people are listening.

On-Demand Archiving

Many times our clients have media files that they would like to make available to their listeners via their website. We have developed a web-based tool that allows our clients to upload their media files directly to our media servers without the need for additional software.

Multi-Format Streaming

The Premium Broadcaster package includes the ability to stream in the MP3, AAC, and OGG formats. When you provide and manage the encoding computer and send the source streams to our servers from your studios, you only pay for the bandwidth used to deliver the streams.

Stream Protection

If you have content that you want to prevent unauthorized access or distribution of the program link, we have developed a solution for you. Our stream protection will ensure that that unauthorized portals or web sites cannot redistribute your broadcast without the user first access your authorized link.

Data Collection

Learn more about your listeners and gather the information needed to communicate with them over the internet. We provide you with the option to capture information from listeners in a way that does not interfere with your programming. This information can be queried or downloaded at any time from our Broadcaster Control web site.

Advertising Replacement

Due to royalty issues, stations need to block advertising that is played over the air. Our web-based scheduling system will allow you to schedule audio content from anywhere you have internet access that will be played whenever specified content is detected. Block any ad that is between 4 and 72 seconds long. We do not restrict you to specific lengths.

Branded Streaming Player for Broadcasters

We provide all of our clients with our standard branded player that contains the look and feel of your station. You also have the option to have a custom player that can be any shape or size. Your player also includes a wide range of features like Now-playing, ad synchronization, and send-to-friend.

Program Blackout

Syndicated shows and other types of programming that cannot be streamed over the internet are not a problem when streaming with our software. You are able to specify blackout periods that will automatically be replaced with alternative content. If this is for a syndicated show you can tell the system to blackout the same time everyday or once per week.

Now-Playing and Player Text

The software that ITE has developed was built specifically with the needs of radio in mind. We have created tools that give you the ability to provide interactive functionality to your listeners through your custom player. Your player can show the current song and artist that is playing or you can schedule text to appear on the player at the times and days that you specify.


Podcasting has taken the internet by storm. We have developed a web-based tool that will allow you to upload programming content and generate the required links for services such as i-Tunes. Users are then able to download the content directly from our servers. Our PodCast manager is managed completely over the internet though our Broadcaster control web site.

Instant Replay

Instant replay takes archiving to a new and exciting level. This feature gives you the ability to automatically upload on-demand content such as news, weather, concert information, sports, and traffic updates. Whenever a new update is broadcast over the air, we record the content and upload it so that users always have the most recent information available to them from your website.

Stream Time-out

One benefit of streaming with ITE Streaming is that your listeners will have solid streams that will not be disconnected from your broadcast. One of the side-effects of having streams that never shut-down is that listeners will start the stream and let it run continuously for days. The problem with this scenario is that you will be responsible for royalties that occur while the listener is in bed for the night or away for lunch.