On-site Computer Repair

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When a computer breaks down it often needs to be physically examined before the extent of the damage can be assessed, this is where our On-site Computer Repair comes in, just bring your computer into our Oakleigh based store and we can quickly determine what will be required to complete the repair, you can then leave the computer with us and we will contact you if any additional information is needed.


This approach works well for busy people who won’t be able to stay home for a technician, just leave it with us and we will contact you when it is ready to pick up.


We maintain contact with you throughout the entire repair process from needing to order additional parts to additional issues we resolve, at the end of the repair we will contact you so you can pick up your computer where you will be briefed on the changes that were made to resolve any issues.


We repair way more than just hardware issues, we also resolve software related such as software not installing correctly or error messages preventing you from using a vital feature.


We do more than just on-site computer repair, we also provide a large range of other computer-based services such as