ITE HOSPRO is a point of sale(pos) software created for Restaurant, Bars and other Hospitality Businesses.
It is currently being used in Australia,New Zealand, South Africa, England, Ireland, Scottland,Canada, USA and Brazil.
See more information on www.itesystems.com.au.


ITE HosPro Features

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  • On the fly messaging to Kitchen and Bar
  • Network ready, which is easy to setup
  • Each Department can two target printers
  • Items can be re-ordered if Ticket has been lost
  • Clock in/Clock out staff hours, wages and payroll
  • Group and individual booking system with automated table placement
  • Giff Card,Gift Vouchers selling,recording and redeeming
  • Option of deatailed table layout,or tables on same screen as bill and menu items
  • Customer payments can be broken down into cards,cash, cheque and account payment in one swoop
  • Includes customer account which complete transaction statements
  • System can be switched to Quick sale sales/business on the fly
  • Switch between waiter carries cash or business carries cash business system
  • Cash drawer can be switched to open (pincode only required at the beginning of each shift) or Secure (pin code required each time the cash drawer needs to be accessed)
  • Complete waiter sales report end the of shift(only for Waiters carries cash business model)
  • Table can be changed quickly
  • Items can be deleted and changed easily, with flexible security setting to suit business model
  • Each staff receives their own pincode with additional access codes
  • Staff performance system included
  • Tax ready for all countries including US,Canada,UK and Australia
  • Epson Windows drivers inlcuded
  • Allows to add divider lines to each bill to aid waiting staff with flexibility
  • Dividers are usually used to seperate courses or guests
  • Professional Bill header and flexible bill footer
  • Preset or on the fly customer discount
  • Uses Extra Large Windows Font when printing orders for Kitchen and Bar to ensure order can be read from 1 meter distance
  • Includes recipe system, which can be forced to print when a particular item is ordered
  • Trading Balance for current shift can be displayed on the fly
  • Calling Table away on the fly
  • Keeps record and track of all transactions, to ensure the till will balance at the and of every shift
  • Customer loyalty system, including Birthday reminder, comments will show up when customer arrives which can help to make them feel more welcome. (ie. likes red wine, is non-smoker etc)
  • Each Bill can be split into 22 subbills
  • Customer Display ready
  • On the fly or preset pricing changes, per item,deparment,food,drinks or menu
  • Automatic Backup to given drive and directy after each Z or X-read
  • 47 different A4 reports
  • Each Department can have it’s own Target printer
  • 55 Take away,55 Home delivery and unlimited Dine in orders can open at any time
  • Connects to Google Imap for Home deliveries
  • Adjust itself to the currency of the country it is located in
  • Dual currency ready
  • Unlimited tables with using the tableplan and up to 44 tables when displaying tables next to bill
  • 44 Categories, 21 Items per catergory, each item can be modified 40 times
  • Add colour, pictures and alter fonts of Menu items and Menu categories/Departments
  • Pizza Shop ready,including flexible pizza pricing, home delivery and take out
  • ChargeitPro credit and debit card processing software included for US and Canada
  • Complete Stock control system included,which keeps track of any ingredients purchased, delivered and sold
  • Stock control can be switched off,drinks only,food only or one Department
  • Auto Menu setting, displays the required menu for Dine in, Home Delivery and Take away