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Data Recovery

We often store extremely valuable data on our computers representing many days if not weeks or months of work, however computers are not invincible, hard disks can stop working preventing you from accessing your files by conventional means which is why we provide data recovery service, we will perform a deep scan of the hard disk to determine if your files can recover from there we can provide you with replacements parts to get the computer working again.

Data recovery is good as a disaster recovery, however, preventing data loss in the first place is often the best approach, which is why we provide a range of additional services to help keep your data secure.


We can perform a monthly maintenance on your computer, this both helps prolong the life of your computer, keeps it running smoothly and gives us indications on how close your computer is to a hardware failure.


A virus can corrupt your personal data or destroy your operating system preventing you from accessing your files, by acting quickly we can remove a virus before it causes any harm then perform a security analysis to prevent future virus infections.


When we detect hardware faults we can replace malfunctioning parts before they cause your computer to crash


We can also implement a backup solution so a copy of your data is stored in a safe location so the loss can be minimised in the case of critical system failure.

By having a mix of solutions you can be prepared for a disaster situation and recover with minimal downtime.

For more information on our data recovery service please consider contacting us.