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IT Security

Computers often hold large amount of data, keeping a record of everything we do and all the people we interact with, while this holds a big benefit in going back to past email conversations or finding an email address of someone we known these types of data are designed to be private however hackers are always interested in getting access to this information so for their own personal gain this is where out IT security audio service comes in.

People often trust us to keep information they provide only between the allowed parties so in cases of a security compromise it creates a negative image and makes people hesitant to provide any personal information, this can have extremely negative consequences for businesses as it can result in a significant loss of existing customer base.

For personal users, a security compromise means that private information such as website browsing history, email conversations are in the hands of hackers, this can result in anything from blackmail to sending email spam to everyone on your contact list.

We can analyse your current IT infrastructure and provide valuable insight into ways a hacker can get to your personal information and advise you on best practices to stay safe both from physical theft of computers as well as remote cyber attacks.

With our assistance, you can get peace of mind that data you intend to remain private will remain private and all your computers will stay safe from any attacks both physical and cyber.

For more information about our IT security audit service please consider contacting us.